Monday, December 13, 2010

The Truth.

Last night I went to a party. It was all fun and games until Pete & Megan's "white elephant gift" chewed out of it's box and went running across all the other gifts. And, so Pete picked up the mouse and decided that he and Megan didn't bring two gifts after all, they only brought one gift to share.

Anyhoooooooo. As I was leaving the party I met a girl named Amy. (Well, actually, I had already met her before, but I re-met her). And, she said, "I blog stalk you." And, then she asked about this fashion-ish blog.

And, so I told her the truth. My mom got brain cancer, and so I went to the mall, A LOT! And, that's the truth.

Remember when I was supposed to buy nothing for a year? And, then I was only supposed to buy one thing a month? You see where it all went down hill? It always turns out poorly the moment I start getting crafty. (My diets all end the same way).

Remember when no one thought I could do it. You were right. All of you. I am REALLY not good at abstaining from South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island or the Irvine Spectrum, or....

But, here's the thing. That's what I was taught to do. It's how I learned to cope. It's a creative outlet for me (that may sound like an excuse).

It's a true story. The day my mom found out she was sick, she wasn't able to balance really well. And, her talking was a bit labored. She'd just returned from the Neurologist, who informed her she had a brain tumor. My oldest sister was over to check on her. She asked my mom if there was anything at all she needed, anything to eat, a ride to the store, anything cleaned. My mom denied all of her requests. But, she did mention that she needed Kimberly's help with something else. She said "I have these three purses, I just bought. I need you to help me decide which one to keep." My sister looked at her in what I can only imagine was sheer disbelief. After which my mom said "I know, I have a brain tumor. I should probably keep all three, right?"

See, it's genetic. It's in my blood. This love of shopping. And, I am a lot like Beyonce. The shoes on my feet, I bought them. The clothes on my back, I bought those too. And, I can afford it. So, I say there are far worse coping skills.

And, 2010 was all around rough.

So, I am contemplating whether or not I want to pick up my goal again next year!?! I think I will try it. The buy-only-one-thing-a-month version, though.

We'll see.

Meanwhile, I thought I would share that I am begininng to look a lot like... a Christmas present, right???

Sometimes I brush my hair. Sometimes I show up for work nearly on-time. But, I never do both. I mean never. And, today I did neither. So, Happy Monday!