Monday, August 9, 2010

Confucius say...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Here goes nothing!

I am supposed to dress up (at least a little bit) for work. I am also supposed to get to work around 8ish. Most days, neither happens.

However, usually on Mondays it's easier for me to dress up. The reason for this is what I like to call a "Sunday/Monday". Usually, on Mondays, I wear to work what I wore to church, which is always at least moderately dressy.

Unfortunately, today I could not pull a Sunday/Monday because I pulled a Saturday/Sunday, having worn to church what I wore to a wedding on Saturday. Usually, I would not hesitate to pull a Saturday/Sunday/Monday (sad, but totally honest). However, the wacky wedding I attended on Saturday was for one of my co-workers. Thus, they already saw the outfit on Saturday. Drats. Jackie even saw it again on Sunday. Clearly, I could not wear it on Monday.

So, today, I woke up later than normal. And, didn't feel very formal. Or even semi-formal. This is business casual, right?!?
Also, I rarely do my hair on Mondays. Well, let's be honest, I rarely do my hair...

Hair thingy and necklac - Anthro (circa 2009)
T-shirt - French Connection (6 months old)
Belt - J Crew (3 months old)
Jeans - People's Liberation (2008ish - woot woot!)
Shoes - seychelles (2 months old)

Side note #1: I originally just took a photo of the clothes on the floor because I refuse to take a photo of myself. However, Jackie said she'd take photos of me each day. So, some days I will post photos. Some days I will just take pictures of the clothes on the floor. And, hopefully, some days I will actually be doing something and then I will just post those.

Side note #2: On my way out of the office today my co-worker Chris said "try not to buy anything on the way home."

Side note #3: My other co-worker told me that if I could pull off this one year challenge I would at have enough extra money to at least buy my own ant farm. Please bless! I would be so excited.

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  1. WAit, did you have this goal before??? I know you can do it! I always love checking out your are inspiring! I dress boring, so I need people to copycat and you are a good one to copy! I think that was redundant. I am a tired girl. It can't be helped.