Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Week...

I took photos. Actually, Jackie took photos, bless her heart. She takes photos every day and not once has she told me I am nutty. Whatever crazy idea I come up with, Jackie is in! Love that girl! But, I never posted the ones from last week, because, well I SUPER busy. So here they are, the outfits of last week.

Not to brag or anything, but sometimes I buy things that are RIDICULOUSLY cheap (and sometimes not). But, I am only going to brag about the great finds I incorporated in my outfits, not so much the other more expensive treasures.

Monday - Skirt from Macy's - Around $18.

Tuesday - Plaid shirt from Nordstroms Rack - Around $14

Wednesday - Dress from the Loft - $10!

Thursday (and Friday) - Sandals - I LOVE LOVE these sandals from Target - $5!

Friday - Skirt from Anthropologie - $20

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