Thursday, September 2, 2010

Style Profile: Jackie - "the photographer extraordinaire"

I thought that I would make this blog a little more fun by adding little categories that break up the monotony of the photos of my everyday outfits.

One of these categories I call "Style Profile".

Everyone has his/her own taste, which is awesome! I love seeing how other people call attention to themselves. It's quite telling. I also LOVE to people watch. But, I don't often let my opinions on other people's style (or lack thereof) leave my head, though according to my siblings and closest friends, that doesn't matter, because everything I think is apparently written all over my face. Though, I thoroughly enjoy people who do.

This category will be solely devoted to profiling the likes and dislikes within the realm of individual style.

Be forewarned, it may get ugly.

Today, my style profile is from Jackie, my great friend, awesome co-worker and photographer extraordinaire (who refuses to be photographed herself). This was her take on the stylings of Kat Von D...

"That girl is a giant doodle pad, and she talks like a man".

Oh, I love that Jackie.

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