Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fashion Fetish - Go Jane

A while ago I was turned onto this cute website that sells darling shoes for WAY cheap. Mind you there are some way crazy ugly looking striper shoes (actually a lot of them), but also really cute ones, you just have to look. They sell other stuff too, but I have only ever bought the shoes.

Now, CLEARLY these are not the most well made shoes that ever existed, but they are very chic and very inexpensive. I think the most I paid for any of the shoes I have ordered from there was like... probably $30. I own these:

And, if I could buy more, I would pick these:

Since I can't buy any, maybe some of you should. And, if you choose to, let me give you a special code. If you use PSW20GJ you get 20% off your order from mid-September to mid-October. (It's a code that they gave me in my People Style Watch Magazine for this month.

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  1. Ali, how can you stand to do all this window shopping?!? Not to mention that I ran into you at Anthropologie TWICE last week! You obviously have more will power than I do!