Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Rehab

It's 2011 - time to start anew. Change is in the air. And, it's time for a make-over - a blog make-over.

Originally I was going to use this blog to publicly document (a.k.a. make you people enforce) my desire to shop directly from my closet in lieu of purchasing new clothes, shoes and accessories. But, that was never going to happen and we all knew it. So, I am revamping it - mostly starting from scratch.

When I started this blog in August, I started searching fashion blogs that other people created in an effort to glean ideas on styling to make my closet more versatile. It worked for a while, until I hit a wall and HAD to go shopping. But, as I looked at other people's fashion blogs, along with the fashion inspiration came style inspiration which was often not limited only to fashion, but also to design, and other domestic creations. I have a list of my very favorites in each category, which I fully intend on sharing with you as soon as I figure out how.

One of my best friends, Miss Claire Monkey Manville (I added the Monkey) is really into design, more specifically reconstructing and vintage shopping for design elements she can use or refurbish and then use in her own space. And, let me tell you she has a real talent for it. For the past few years, under her tutelage, I have been totally interested and occasionally dabbling in it as well. I am inspired by everything she touches. It's all so creatively genius to me. Someday, if she allows it, I will take photos of the inside of her house and you will all be super impressed. I started having her teach me years back and have been addicted to reconstructing, refurbishing and vintage shopping at the world's most disgusting swap meet (in Huntington Beach) ever since.

One of my other best friends, Jody Ann Lyman (I didn't add the Ann) is a really good seamstress, as is Meridith Rockstar Sebra (I did add the Rockstar, though she truly is). And, some of my very favorite days include doing projects with them (or Carly and Jean). And, so I decided that I would dedicate this blog to all my style misadventures. Not that I am any Anna Wintour OR Martha Stewart in the making, but I love the idea of creating.

And, my other blog will be devoted to the misadventures of my not-so-creative life. Not that I am about to feign diligence at posting daily or even weekly on either, let alone both.

So, even though the name of this blog may be a tad misleading, or at least not all encompassing, I decided to keep the name the same, because well... (1) I don't really know how to change the name and keep the same website yada yada yada) and (2) the only other name my creative juices can come up with is, but wouldn't you know, that site is already taken (by a poet who may or may not have died at the end of 2000).

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