Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Steal of a Deal - 2010 (Outerwear)

Basically, we all know that I love shopping, and I have a lot of clothes. I am just going to put that out there so we don't have to talk about it after this, right?!?

But, here's one thing you all probably don't know. I will ALMOST NEVER pay full price for any of them. I am pretty much a bargain shopper.

So much so, that I am wanted to brag about it.

I decided to post the best steals I got in 2010, by category. And, today's installment will showcase last years steals in outwear.

Anthropologie - $20

Victoria Secret - 1/2 off

Old Navy - 1/2 off

Anthropologie - $60

Anthropologie - 60% off

Old Navy - $25

Anthropologie - $28 (well, that's how much it cost, but I got it free with a gift card from my fabulously fantastic friend Keri).

Talbots - $35

Gap - $27

Anthropologie - $40

Anthropologie - $40

Clearly, I bought way too many coats/jackets this year. But, you see, I didn't really spend all THAT much money on them.

I know... I am talented.

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