Monday, January 10, 2011

Obsession Confession: Hair Products

I have combination curly/wavy hair. It's really curly underneath the moderately wavy top layer (weird right, I know).

So, it takes a lot to tame this mane of mine. That is how I justify the obscene amount of hair products I own. Really, it's bad.

But, there are only three hair products that I would sell a kidney for, without them I look like a polygamist (it's true).

Rockaholic Dirty Secret. It's dry shampoo. LOVE THIS. The very low-maintenance core of my being hates to wash my hair. Though, usually I give in and do it daily. But, sometimes, I just CAN'T. And on those days, I spray this at the roots. It smells divine and soaks up any oils. DIVINE.

Morrocan Oil. This stuff is so yummy. It smells SO SO SO good. But, I just use a little bit and run it through the middle to ends of my hair when it's wet. It takes away any frizziness, so that's good!

Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls Wave Spray. There aren't even words to express how deep my love is for this hair spray. It's super light. But, when you spray it on curly hair it produces the most lovely curls. It's super amazing. And, you can brush your hair to dumb down the curls before you spray it too. It basically is what everyone wants in a hair spray.

And, that's our lesson for today kids. Now, go play.

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